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pavay is now LEVEL skincare
Oh change is so good...sorry we've been out of touch for a bit, we've been completely revamping not only
our product line but our owners, website, pricing and vision for the future...
introducing LEVEL skincare, the same
beautiful products you love from pavay, elevated by new beauty technology. Enhanced by our same talented
and experienced chemist to bring you a
refreshed, clean, unisex line with the latest innovative formula combinations and targeted anti-aging elements.

Let's briefly go back to the revamped pricing :-), we've completely cut out the "middle" offering only direct
to consumer
{you} sales, so from us, direct to youThis lowers our costs per unit significantly which allows
us to pass those
savings on to you. Look for the launch of our brand new site with all the
cost trimmings coming SOON!
See you all very soon!
To order product by phone during this process, please call us direct at: 651.240.2927
(Please note: due to the company wide revamp, current product inventory is limited, we thank you for your patience
during this time and cannot wait to share our new,  clean vision for our line with you :-)  

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